Kozue Kitchens, born in Yamanashi, Japan.
Dan Kitchens, born in Long Beach, California, USA.
Both live and work in Los Angeles, USA.

Kozyndan is comprised of husband and wife Dan and Kozue Kitchens. This Los Angeles-based duo create work that traverses both the fine art and commercial realms. Hailing respectively from Yamanashi, Japan and Orange County, California, Kozy and Dans personal and artistic collaboration began in art school in the late 1990s. Now widely acclaimed for their digitally painted pencil drawings of contemporary urban cityscapes and cleverly re-interpreted Japanese ukiyo-e prints, Kozyndans work reflects their unease and love of the modern world. In their finely rendered urban panoramas, Kozyndan visualize an alternately utopic and dystopic universe, where East meets West, and absurd characters and situations playfully encompass everyday life.


» The Unknown Portraits, Oct 2009
» Tales of the Bunnyfish, July 2007
» Give A Little, Dec 2006
» Cats are the New Bunnies, Feb 2006
» Partridges Pear Trees, Dec 2005
» Touch My Bunny, April 2005
» Lactaid Dreams, Sept 2004