June 10 - July 4, 2010


FriendsWithYou Solo Exhibition

NARWHAL ART PROJECTS FRIENDSWITHYOU are pleased to present DAYDREAMERS, a solo exhibition with Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, the incredible minds behind the magic that is FriendsWithYou. Showcasing the first exhibition of their painted works in several years, and focusing on large scale acrylic paintings and soft watercolours, FriendsWithYou reveal a fantastical universe full of colours, magical themes and spirituality. Much like the powerful enchantments they insert into all their projects, Daydreamers focuses on FriendsWithYous creative adventures and the spells they conjure as part of their personal mythology. Spreading the message of Wish Come True, FriendsWithYou lead us into their dreamy existence, expressing magic throughout the city of Toronto through installations and performance during the Luminato festival.

FriendsWithYou are globally-renowned for their vivid pop art aesthetic and brilliantly bizarre character design. DAYDREAMERS offers a rare look into the dense, delicate personal layers that take place behind the large-scale, physical presence of the artists experimental installations. Exploring the more unseen dimensions of the FriendsWithYou psyche, DAYDREAMERS presents a softer, more ephemeral portrait of their recent narratives, as Borkson and Sandoval put forward a deeply intimate glimpse into the representations of their transitory, dream-like states where the spirit of their expressive process is just coming into invention. Reflecting themes of metamorphosis, pleasure seeking and pure innocence in the portraiture of their fledgling subjects, Borkson and Sandoval present an unadulterated celebration of the imagination that defines their artistic practice and the visionary outlook that inspired their project for Wish Come True. Much in the manner that Borkson and Sandoval aim to create immersive totalities for the playful environments of their installations, with DAYDREAMERS the artists bring us into an inward realm unto themselves, creating heartfelt emotional space between the greater unknowns of their magical world.

Opening Reception:
Thursday June 10th
Artists will be in attendance.

Runs June 10 July 4